The disc granulation machine is suitable for granulating organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. Due to its stable operation, durable equipment and long service life, the majority of users choose the ideal equipment. In addition, the overall arc structure, the granulation rate can reach more than 93%.

The granulation tray configures three outlets. It is convenient for intermittent production operations, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. Below I will describe the device in detail.


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Five parts of pan pelleting machine

The whole disc granulator can be divided into five parts:

Four structural characteristics of the disc granulator

The bottom of the ball forming plate is reinforced with multiple radiation steel plates, which has high strength and rigidity.

The rotating gear adopts high-frequency quenching treatment, which has a long service life.

Flexible belts drive the reducer and motor , with stable start and small impact.

The transmission system configures a bridge device, which reduces the direct impact of the gear and the reducer. Not only can improve the stability of the equipment operation, but also improve the service life of the main components.

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Plant for plate granulation machine

The disc granulation production line is a production line with disc granulator as the main equipment.

  • In the early stage, you can compost and use the organic fertilizer fermentation tank  decompose the fertilizer, so as to reach the state of fertilizer production.

  • Then crush and start granulation. You can use a disc granulator to granulate, and through a belt transferring the finished product to a sieving machine.

  • After that,you can use screening machines to separate finished products from waste products.

  • You can dry and cool the finished product before packaging. Because the disc granulator is suitable for wet granulation.  In additon, transferring the residue then back to the crusher for re-granulation.

How to adjust the particle size of the pan granulation machine?

To control the particle size, start from the following aspects:

How to control the moisture of the material when using the disc granulator to granulate?

In the granulation process, it is very important to control the moisture content of the material.


If your material’s water content is too little, it is difficult to form a ball and the output is low. Then if the water content is too much, there are many large balls, and the surface of the balls is sticky, which is easy to block the screen surface. Only when your material’s water content is appropriate, there will be more pellets and the output will increase.


There is a simple and practical method – the hand feeling method:you can grab balled materials from the disc granulator with your hand, and it is advisable to loosen them with a light touch with your fingers. Therefore, this method can effectively identify the moisture content of the material and improve production efficiency.

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Disc granulation machine VS rotary drum granulation machine

Both the disc granulator and the drum granulator are equipment for granulation by agglomeration method. Furthermore,they can mostly use in the granulation production of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers.

The Disc Granulation Machine

The disc granulation machine adopts a curved structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 95%.  In addition, driving the reducer and motor of the pan granulator by a flexible belt, which can start smoothly and reduce the impact force. It can make your particles uniform, so that your material has less backflow and higher production capacity. But dust and smog pollution is serious. Thus, a dust collector system will be perfect for your business.

The Drum Granulator

The main advantage of the drum granulator is that it uses steam to heat and adjust humidity, which can reduce your granulation moisture and dryer load. Therefore, your granulation rate can reach 70%. In addition, the traditional scraper device and the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall of the cylinder are eliminated. However, if the process conditions are not well controlled, the return material will be higher than that of the disc granulator.