In order to meet the requirement of crop growth, compound fertilizer manufacturing has been an important part in fertilizer production. Because compound fertilizer can supply the nutrients that the soil lacks in a targeted manner. Such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. So there are so many customers prepare to invest in complex fertilizer production lines. From the feedback data for the first half of 2023, we find there are two types of compound fertilizer production lines that are hot selling with fertilizer suppliers.


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Compound NPK Fertilizer Production Line

There are two granulation methods can produce compound fertilizer with different fertilizer equipment. Wet granulation process and dry granulation method. They have different production principles to make high quality compound fertilizer. Now, let SX fertilizer machine engineer introduce them.

NPK Fertilizer Wet Granulation Plant

Why do you choose this granulation process to make compound fertilizer?

Which uses liquid as binder to enhance the adhesive force between chemical powdery. This makes finished compound fertilizer pellets with higher density, which is beneficial for transport and storage. In addition, because of liquid involved, there will be less dust pollution in your NPK compound fertilizer making process. If your chemical material has a high moisture content, this NPK compound fertilizer preparation line is also an ideal choice for you.

Then how to produce NPK compound fertilizer and what equipment you can use?

First, it needs batching machine to feed chemical materials according to the required proportion.

Next, fertilizer mixer will blend different chemical powder evenly.

Then you need to use a suitable wet granulating machine to make mixed complex fertilizer powder into pellets. If you plan to start a small scale compound fertilizer plant, disc granulator is an ideal choice. But if you need a pelleting equipment for large scale complex fertilizer making, we recommend you choose rotary drum pelletizer.

And because of wet granulation, you also need dryer and cooler for your complex fertilizer production line.

compound NPK wet granulation Plant

Coating equipment

Then coating equipment will add a protective film to prevent moisture absorption and nutrients loss.

Automatic packaging machine

Finally, packing finished compound fertilizer by automatic packaging machine.

This is the whole process of complex fertilizer production with wet granulation method.

Compound Fertilizer Dry Granulation Manufacturing Line

Some customers consider the cost and moisture of making compound fertilizer. For this, compound fertilizer dry granulation manufacturing line is the best option for you.

BB Compound Fertilizer Making Line

Compared with the above production line, this BB compound fertilizer production line has more benefits.

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