Drum granulator is a kind of granulation equipment commonly used in the production of compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer and other fertilizers. Moreover, it is suitable for cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers. Then the main working method belongs to aggregate wet granulation.

Therefore, having a rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line can bring you equipment with large output, high pelleting rate and stable operation. If you want to know its related raw materials and other information, please see the detailed introduction below.


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Raw material for rotary drum granulator production line

The rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line can produce both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. But from its performance, it is more suitable for producing large-scale compound fertilizer. Below I will introduce its raw materials from two aspects.

Compound Fertilizer

The drum granulation production line is aimed at the compound fertilizer, the most important thing is the pre-batching aspect. If the ingredients are not properly grasped, even if producing the granular fertilizer later, it will not be able to achieve the desired fertilizer effect. Then common raw materials are urea, dap, mop, kcl, tsp, ssp, ammonium sulfate, phosphate, gypsum, lime or other materials. These raw materials are proportioned according to the ratio. And you can also add some bacterial agents. Finally, you can produce granular fertilizers with high nutritional value .

rotary drum granulation machine fertilizer making plant
pan granulator and drum granulator produce 5t per hour organic fertilizer production plant

Organic Fertilizer

The drum granulation production line is also suitable for organic fertilizer. Raw materials for organic fertilizers are relatively common, including organic waste such as peat, sludge, chicken manure, livestock and poultry manure, sugar filter sludge, and papermaking sludge. The cost of these raw materials is relatively low, but they can play a great role. For organic granular fertilizers,the most critical thing is not the early stage, but the granulation part. Therefore, the granules produced by the drum granulator can achieve the final desired effect.

The process flow of the rotary drum granulation production line with fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of 20-48%

If you want to produce good granular fertilizer, you must understand the production process of your production line. The following is a detailed introduction to the production process of the rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line.

Qualified raw materials such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are transported to relevant weighing equipment. And you can add adhesives to improve the molding rate.

After that you can transport the weighed raw materials to the mixer and stirre vigorously evenly.

Then transporting it to the drum granulator, and introducing saturated steam at the same time. The material is formed into a rolling material bed by the friction generated when the drum granulator rotates. In addition, the extrusion force generated by rolling makes the material containing a certain liquid phase agglomerate into small particles. These small particles become the core and adhere to the surrounding powder to form qualified particles.

The next step is to transport it to the rotary dryer and exchange heat with the heat from the hot stove. And transported to the rotary cooler, you can use natural cold wind or forced cold wind to cool the fertilizer.

Finally, you can send it to the automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging, and storage. If you want to further strengthen the pellets, you can coat them before packaging.

Rotary drum granulation machine that wins customer in your plant

The core equipment in the drum granulation production line is the drum granulator. Only when configuring this equipment properly can the particles produced achieve the effect you want. So, below I will introduce the benefits that this device can bring to you for your reference.

  • The investment in equipment is small, and the cost required is low. In addition, the granulation effect is quick, and you can see the finished product quickly. Moreover, this equipment has good economic benefits and reliable performance.

  • The power of the drum granulator is small and consumes less electricity. There is no discharge of three wastes, greatly reducing environmental pollution. The equipment is stable in operation and easy to maintain.

  • The ball forming strength of the equipment is high, and the appearance quality of the particles is good.

  • The barrel is lined with a special rubber plate or an acid-resistant stainless steel lining, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and low in energy consumption. Cancelling the traditional scraper device .

Annual output of 10,000-30,000 tons drum granulation organic fertilizer production line

The following is a detailed introduction to the link process and the corresponding common equipment introduction.

The rotary drum granulation production line with a granulation rate of 90%

In order for the drum granulation production line to exert its maximum effectiveness, you need to select the core equipment – the drum granulator properly.

Our company’s drum granulation machine uses the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting air force to continuously mix,granulate, spheroidize, extrude, collide, compact, polishing fine powder materials in the machine, and other processes to achieve the purpose of granulation. The shape of the particles is spherical, the sphericity is ≥0.7.The particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥90%. If you want to adjust the particle size, you can adjust it appropriately through the mixing amount of materials and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing volume, the higher the speed and the smaller the particles.

How does the drum granulation production line improve the granulation performance?

The quality of granulation performance is the key to determine the drum granulation production, how to improve granulation performance?