Agriculture is the largest sector of the economy in Yemen. So fertilizers are in high demand in Yemen. And because of balanced nutrient content and good soil improvement effect of organic fertilizer, using it in organic farming has been a new development direction for agriculture in Yemen. Therefore, many companies plan to invest in organic fertilizer factory. On 3rd August 2023, a customer from Yemen inquired about how to set up an organic fertilizer plant. Then after negotiation on details, we design a customized project for organic fertilizer production according to customer’s actual conditions. The following are the specific details of the communication in this case:


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What is the Design of an Organic Fertilizer Plant in Yemen?

When you want to set up an organic fertilizer production project, factory areas are also two aspects you must consider. Usually, the whole organic fertilizer making area is divided into three parts:

How Much Does it Cost to Set up an Organic Fertilizer Plant in Yemen?

organic fertilizer production line

Finally, the client from Yemen inquired about the quotation of the organic fertilizer production line. Because of quality powder fertilizer equipment use, the price of it is $35,000-$90,000. For granules organic fertilizer machine use, it needs $110,000-$550,000. Can I set up an organic fertilizer plant in Yemen at a lower cost? The answer is yes. You can replace the rotary drum granulator with a disc pelletizer. It has a capacity of 1-6 t/h, which can fully meet your requirement. And it has a more economical price. But if you want to produce large capacity organic fertilizer, you can buy two or three disc pelletizers in your fertilizer production line.

What Differences Between Disc Pelletizer and Drum Granulator?

This Yemenis client wanted to make organic fertilizer into granules. For this, pan pelleting machine and rotary drum granulator are both an ideal choice for organic fertilizer granulation. But they are different in several aspects. First, they are different in capacity. The former, whose capacity is 1-6t/h, is more suitable for small scale organic ferilizer production. Meanwhile, the latter has a capacity of 1-30t/h and is an optimal option for making organic fertilizer in a large scale. In addition, they also have a difference in price. If you have enough budget, rotary drum granulating machine is the best choice. If not, disc pelletizer is designed for you.

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