17:17:17 NPK fertilizer production line is a kind of compound fertilizer production line. It can help you produce high quality NPK fertilizer. And there are two hot sale NPK preparation plans in SX machine factory. They are NPK fertilizer granulating line and NPK bulk blending line. Whether your budget is enough or not. Whether you want to make NPK fertilizer by wet or dry granulation method. They can fully met your needs. If you have any special requirement, you can contact us for customization.


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Top 2 NPK 17:17:17 fertilizer production lines for your choice

In order to meet customer’s requirements, our engineers design two NPK 17:17:17 fertilizer making lines. 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granulation plant and 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer blending system. They use different methods and fertilizer machines to produce NPK fertilizer. You can choose one according to your needs.

17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granulating line

If you want to turn powdery materials into NPK pellets, this fertilizer production line is an optimal choice. During this process, the materials will go through multiple processes. Including batching, crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, coating and packaging. They will make powdery materials become the high quality granular 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer you need.

17 17 17 npk fertilizer granulation plant

NPK 17:17:17 fertilizer blending line

But if you don’t have enough budget, we recommend you to choose 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer blending line. It is also known as a bulking blending production line. 17:17:17 NPK pellet mixing line is designed for processing granular materials. Batching, mixing and bagging, only 3 steps, you can get high quality industrial 17:17:17 NPK. Simpler process means less space occupation and fewer NPK fertilizer machines employment. So you can start 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer preparation at a lower cost. Can it produce NPK fertilizer in large scale? Of course, the largest capacity of our NPK bulk blending line can reach 40 t/h. Moreover, whether you want to prepare 17:17:17 or 20-10-10,it can fully meet your needs.

What is the process of Making 17:17:17 NPK Fertilizer Pellets

What is the manufacturing process options for 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer? Here is a method for you to choose–17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granulating production line. Then our professional engineer will introduce it for details.

High Precision Batching System for 17:17:17 NPK

How to make the proportion of N,P,K for your formula——17:17:17? Our high precision batching system can help you feed these materials through electronic belt scale. And this system also configure the electric control box, which can ensure that the ratio error does not exceed 1%.

automatic batching machine for compound npk fertilizer making

Crushing the 17:17:17 NPK Raw Material

17:17:17 NPK fertilizer contains 17% nitrogen (min total nitrogen), 17% phosphorus, and 17% potassium. You need to uniform these raw materials’ size below 3mm in your production line. This can be convenient for you to make fertilizer. So you need to crush them to get a better state for further make fertilizer. Here are two crushers you can choose according to you need–cage crusher and chain grinder.

Mix the Powdery Material for 17:17:17 NPK

After crushing the raw material, you can add some ammonia. It can promote granulation and improve product quality by increasing the CHR(critical relative humidity) and decreasing the acidity. This effect can be achieved by fully mixing ammonia and 17:17:17 NPK materials.

npk pellets extrusion machinenpk fertilizer pellets rotary drum granulator

17:17:17 NPK Granular Fertilizer Production

Granulation process plays an important role in your 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer making plant. According to the dryness and wetness of your 17:17:17 NPK material, you can choose two granulation methods – dry granulation or wet granulation. In general, if your material is dry, you can use a double-roll granulator to granulate it. But if your materials’ moisture is 45%-50%, you can choose a drum granulator.

Dry and Cool the 17:17:17 NPK Granular Fertilizer

If you use double roller granulation machine, you do not need to dry and cool. But for the rotary drum granulator, you’d better use dryer and cooler to decrease the excessive moisture from the 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer. The capacity of the dryer is 1-18 tons, and you can choose different types of equipment according to your output. During the operation of the dryer, a large amount of exhaust gas will be generated. So you can install a dust collector, which can effectively guarantee the production environment.

npk pellets polishing machine

Polishing the 17:17:17 NPK Fertilizer with the Perfect Shape

After drying and cooling, the 17:17:17 NPK pellets are deformed to some extent. In order to make the particle shape more beautiful, a rounding machine is essential. Because the high-speed rotation of the two discs shape the pellets. If you still need color, you can add colorant during the rounding process.

Package Equipment to 17:17:17 NPK Fertilizer

In order to facilitate the transportation and sale of your finished 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer, packaging is necessary. So our automatic packaging machine can help you complete the packaging more conveniently. And the single-bucket and double-bucket packaging machines with a capacity of 20-50kg are available for you to choose.

single bucket npk pellets packing machine

What granulator is suitable for making 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granules?

When you want to make 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer pellets, a suitable granulator is important. Whether you prepare to produce small scale granules or large scale pellets, we can both meet your requirements.

17 17 17 npk fertilizer disc granulation machinenpk fertilizer making from double roller granulator

Small scale 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer pellets making

If you prepare to make small scale 17:17:17 NPK pellets, double roller granulator with dry granulation and disc granulation machine with wet granulation are the best choices for you. And extrusion machine can produce 1- t/h 17:17:17 NPK granules and pan granulator can make 1-6 t/h. What’s more, their granulation rate can reach over 93%. They can both meet your needs for producing small scale NPK fertilizer pellets.

Large scale 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granules production

For large scale 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granules production, we recommend you with rotary drum granulation machine. It can make 1-30 t/h NPK pellets with wet granulation method. So you need to dry and cool the final product after granulation. And this equipment has many types of designs. Such as rubber lining, stainless press stripes and cleaning holes.They can all help you finish 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granules production.

How to improve the yield of 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer pellets by using SX fertilizer equipment?

If you want to improve the yield of 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer pellets, we can provide you with some suitable SX fertilizer equipment—rotary drum and disc granulation two-in-one production line. This type of plant includes rotary drum granulation machine and disc pelletizer. So it can make high quality 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer granules.

rotary drum and disc granulation two-in-one production line

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