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Compost turner

For organic waste recycling and management, composting is necessary. Especially for making fertilizer from cow dung, chicken poop, pig manure, etc. It is the key to removing harmful substances, including pest eggs, pathogens, grass seeds,etc from your raw materials. And for compost organic waste quickly and fast, suitable compost machine and solutions are essential. There are some examples for you.

groove type compost turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

1.Why Does Groove Type Compost Turner Play an Important Role in Better Organic Fertilizer Fermentation? ...
compost production machine

Compost production machine

Compost production machine is mainly used for helping you make a compost from fertilizer material ...
windrow composting machine

Windrow Compost Turner

Both the crawler type turning machine and the moving type turning machine need to stack ...
wheel type compost turner machine

Wheel Type Compost Turner

Wheel type compost turner is suitable for the fermentation with large span and high depth ...
3 organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

The fermentation equipment is suitable for producing organic fertilizer. Through this equipment, you can turn ...

Fertilizer Granulation Machine

If you want to make better fertlizer, you can turn NPK/compost powder into granules. Granular fertlizer is easier to transport, store and use. So you can make more profits. For compound or organic fertilizer pellets making, a suitable granuator is necessary. As a considerate fertlzer equipment manuracturer, we design various fertilizer granulators for your choice as follows:

rotary drum granulator

Rotary Drum Granulation Machine

1. What is the Rotary Drum Granulation Machine Technology? 2. What Additives Can Be Used ...
stirring teeth granulator for sale

New Type Stirring Granulator

New type stirring granulator is used to granulate various organic matter after fermentation. It breaks ...
flat die pellets mill for sale

Flat Die Pelleting Machine

The flat die pelleting machine uses extrusion rollers and molds to extrude.It is used to ...
npk compound fertilizer making from double roller granulator

Double Roller Press Granulator

1. What kind of pellets can extrusion granulator make? 2. What method does double roller ...
disc granulation machine

Disc Granulation Machine

The disc granulation machine is suitable for granulating organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and organic-inorganic compound ...

Auxiliary Machine

Besides compost machine and granulator, there are many other fertilizer machines that can help you prepare organic and compound fertilizer quickly and easily. Batching equipment to control materials feeding speed and proportion, crusher to make row materials into fine powder, mixer to blend various materials evenly to make nutrient-balanced fertilizer, drying and cooling to remove excessive moisture, packaging equipment to pack finished fertilizer into bags for sell. So contact us for immediately!

fertilizer pellets screening machine

Rotary Sieve Machine

Rotary sieve machine is an important equipment of the fertilizer production process. Whether it is ...
chicken manure dryer

Chicken Manure Dryer

1. Why We Need to Use Chicken Manure Dryer for Making Fertilizer? 2. How Do ...
fertilizer dryer for sale

Fertilizer Dryer for Sale

Fertilizer dryer for sale is a machine for drying pelleted fertilizer. It can not only ...
single bucket fertilizer packing machine

Manure Bagging for Sale

Packing is the final process in a fertilizer production line. There are many customers who ...
vertical type crusher

Manure Crusher for Sale

Manure crusher for sale is used for turning composted manure into powders in fertilizer production ...
fertilizer mixer for sale

Manure Mixer for Sale

Manure mixer for sale is a machine for mixing kinds of raw materials.In your making ...
dewatering machine for sale

Manure Separator for Sale

1.  What is the Manure Separator Equipment? 2. What Kind of Material Can Manure Separator ...

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