Because 20-10-10 NPK fertilizer can supply nutrients for crops in a targeted way, most fertilizer production project to invest in NPK compound fertilizer production. Like the customer from Indonesia, who inquired about 20-10-10 NPK fertilizer making machines on 12th August 2023. Finally, after discussing the details, he chose our NPK rotary drum granulation line. The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:


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What Granulator is Suitable for Large Capacity 20 10 10 NPK Fertilizer Making?

The client from Indonesia wanted to use Nitrogen (urea), Rock Phosphate, DAP/MAP (depend on Composition), KCL or ZK, clay to prepare large capacity of 20-10-10 NPK fertilizer pellets. So first of all, it is essential to buy a type of suitable chemical pellet making equipment.

For this, SX can offer you double roller granulator, pan pelletizer and rotary drum granulation machine. This Indonesian customers needed a large capacity NPK fertilizer granulation line. Hence, we finally recommended him rotary drum granulator. Because this machine can produce 1-30 t/h 20-10-10 NPK fertilizer granules. And if you want to have a lower cost but more capacity, you can use disc granulator and rotary drum granulation machine two in one production line to make NPK fertilizer. In this way, compared with using double roller granulator, it can meet your large capacity in NPK rotary drum granulation line.

How to Setup a NPK Rotary Drum Granulation Plant in Indonesia?

Then Indonesian customer asked us how to setup a NPK rotary drum granulation plant? We told him buying drum pelletizer only is not enough. It is necessary to choose other fertilizer processing machines to establish a professional fertilizer granulation line. In this process, cost and factory area are two items you must pay attention to. So to establish a rotary drum fertilizer granulation factory, you need to do the following things:

rotary drum granulation machine npk fertilizer making plant

What Equipment is Needed in a Rotary Fertilizer Granulation Line?

When you plan to create a 20-10-10 NPK fertilizer granulation line, besides rotary drum granulator, you also need to buy batching machine, crusher, mixer, screener, dryer, cooler, dust collector, dust fall room, coating equipment and belt conveyor. These machines can upgrade your the quality of NPK fertilizer.

Cost also plays an important role in 20-10-10 NPK rotary drum granulation plant setup. It contains the costs of material preparation, equipment, workshop building, energy consumption, worker employment, etc. Then because our rotary drum granulation system has characteristics of low energy consumption and high automation. And as a source factory of fertilizer equipment, SX can provide you with equipment at a favourable price. You can setup the rotary drum granulation plant at a low cost.

40 t/h NPK Rotary Fertilizer Granulation Plant
Area of Large NPK Rotary Fertilizer Pellet Making System

What is the Area Occupation of a NPK Rotary Fertilizer Pellet Making System?

The area occupation also will vary according to the capacity and configuration. Generally, a 10 t/h 20-10-10 NPK rotary drum granulation line needs an area of 1400-1500 m2. And you need to prepare a 3145-5760 m2 site for a 20 t/h NPK drum pellet making system installation.

What Factor Affect the efficiency of Granulation in NPK Drum Pelleting Line?

Finally, customer from Indonesia wanted to know what factors will affect the granulation efficiency, and what should be paid attention to at ordinary times.

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