Nowadays, granular fertilizer is favored by fertilizer manufacturers. Because it can effectively replenish soil organic matter components and regulate soil acidity and alkalinity. But how much to produce pellets in the production line? As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you the price of the relevant production equipment and the required manpower. And we have had many successful cases.

For example, on 22nd May 2023, a client from Jordan inquired about cost of 20tph chemical powder fertilizer granulation production line for salts MAP DAP UREA NPK powders. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.


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What is the Cost of 20 TPH Powder Fertilizer Granulation Production Line in Jordan?

Customer from Jordan wanted to know the cost of 20 tph powder fertilizer granulation production line. So you need to understand the configuration of the entire production line and the budget of related equipment.

npk chemical granulation fertilizer making plant

We can provide you with powder fertilizer granulation production line at 1-40tph. And this production line consists of batching machine, crusher, mixer, powder screener, granulator, granules screener, dryer, cooler, coating machine, bagging equipment and belt conveyor. You can also choose suitable machines according to your needs. And the relevant budget is about 100,000$-124,000,0$. About 20tph production line’s budget is 450,000$.

How Many People are Required to Operate this Plant for Labor Costs?

You need 3-4 workers in total on this production line. One for batching machine material need to feed. One for operating the hot blast stove. Finally, one or two workers for packaging machine need to pack. There are labor costs for these devices that you need to consider.

Factory Price 20THP Chemical Fertilizer Production Line Bring High Profits to our Customer in Jordan

Customer from Jordan wanted to have a high qualified and profits powder fertilizer granulation production line. He purchased related equipment on the production line at our factory at market prices. And the fertilizers produced by Jordanian customers through these equipment are of high quality. Because SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, is complete in specifications and quality, and all indicators meet or exceed national standards.

SX factory for organic fertilizer production line

What’s more, SX constantly introduce foreign advanced technology. Therefore, excellent equipment can produce high-quality fertilizers that Jordan customers feel. Due to the fertilizer we produce is good, it has reached the Jordanian fertilizer market standard. Therefore, compared with the price of fertilizer sold by customers before, the current price will rise further.

Granulators Recommendation for Jordan Customer ‘s Compound Fertilizer Production at Low Cost

Customer from Jordan wanted to use pan granulator and drum granulation to produce pellets. But which equipment is more suitable for low cost& high capacity production?

Use Disc Granulator in the Powder Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

If you want to use pan granulation to produce pellets in the production line, you should concern about the price of this machine-a set of $1,890.00. So your cost of using a disc granulator will be lower. But its capacity is about 1-6tph, which is suitable for making small scale fertilizer production project. And the output required by the Jordanian customer is 20 tons per hour. Therefore, he need to configure more pan granulators. For this,  the floor area of the venue will increase, and the corresponding rent will increase.

Cost of the Drum Granulator for Powder Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

Although you want to use rotary drum granulation to make pellets, you also need to know the price of this equipment-a set of $20,000. Compared with the disc granulator, the cost of this equipment will be higher. And its capacity is about 1-30tph, which is suitable for Jordan customer’s 20tph powder fertilizer granulation production line. So you only need to buy one to produce, and the factory area will not increase.

drum granulation machine to make pellets

To sum up, in order to better enable the Jordanian customer to obtain a production line with low cost but high output, we recommend the two-in-one production line of disc granulator and drum granulator for him. In this way, customers can be considered to the greatest extent.

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