The use of manure separator in the production line is to better process raw materials and prepare for subsequent production. So what problems do you need to pay attention to when using a dewatering machine?


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What Are the Moisture Requirements for Using a Manure Separator?

Usually when you use a solid-liquid separator, the moisture content of the feed should be at least 50%, which can better remove the moisture in the material. Then, when the material is discharged, the moisture content of your material is about 30%, which is just right for the subsequent production.

solid liquid separator

Can you Use the Liquid Material after Dewatering to Spread it at the Country Field?

We think that the liquid material after dewatering cannot be directly used in the country field. Because there are some harmful substances in these untreated liquid materials, it is easy to cause seedlings to burn. So if you use it after treatment, you can maximize the application of the nutrients in the liquid material to the crops.

Which Are the Standard Dimensions of the Sieves’ Holes in the Solid-liquid Separator?

sieves' holes of dewatering machine

The standard size of the screen hole of the dewatering machine is 0.5mm, which is just enough to meet the dehydration of the material. If you have requirements for the screen, we can also customize the size you need.

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